The introduction of the Clone Snapshot functionality in EPM is a significant improvement compared to the traditional EPM Automate process for migrating EPM applications from source to target applications.

Below is a comparison of a typical application migration steps with EPM Automate vs EPM Clone Snapshot


 Enter the following information to initiate the cloning process

  • Target URL
  • Username and Password (Service Administrator access required)
  • Click Clone to initiate the process

Below is a screenshot of the onscreen steps in the snapshot cloning process. The example here is a FCCS application snapshot cloning with 170MB snapshot size; completed in 18 minutes.

Below are the current limitations of this feature

  1. Not available in Oracle Enterprise Data Management Cloud
  2. You can only clone the Artifact Snapshot. No other snapshots in the source application with a different name can be selected.

The screen-based approach of Clone Snapshot is a great alternative to the multiple steps involved with using EPM Automate. Besides, any automated process that does not require writing scripts/eliminates manual process in a cloud application is a welcome development.